Greyfriars Vineyard’s emblem is their initial shaped by vines, upside-down pyramids of circles and asterisks like sparks or tiny explosions. This unique play on a classic font is the perfect representation of the vineyard’s offerings: an English variation of classic Champagne. Their collection of Sparkling Wines mirrors the well known French varieties, but adds to the crispness with hints of vanilla and citrus for their traditional offerings and berry for the rosés.

The porous chalk foundation of the vineyard’s estate in Surrey North Down offers the same environ of Champagne, France in southern England, allowing owners Mike and Hilary Wagstaff to recreate the well-known flavors while adding their own twists. First planted in 1989, the 50 arid acres boast over 75,000 vines and counting as Greyfriars continues to grow.

Steeped in tradition, the Greyfriars Vineyard is family owned and operated by the Wagstaffs and managed by brother-in-law David Line. What started out as a hobby is now an award-winning winery that is still growing into its potential. Just like the emblem gracing the bottles of bubbly, Greyfriars Vineyards is both familiar yet surprising, and it is only getting started.

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