Making cocktails at home is more appealing now than ever due to easy consumer access to incredible spirits, quality ingredients, and efficient bar tools. In recent years, countless people have started to take cocktail curation more seriously in order to explore the art of the drink. Stick to these five tips for simple, elegant, and delicious cocktails every time the ice hits the glass.

Stick to the Formula
Greenbar Distillery Cocktail Making 2 drink me Greenbar Distillery Campaign

Thanks to the folks at Greenbar Distillery, we can refer to a formula for the best results: The Four Pour Method. The suggestion is to use equal parts of one hard spirit (over 35%) and one weaker spirit (under 25%) so that they balance and compliment each other. Pair those spirits with one citrus juice and a syrup of your choosing and you now have the fundamentals of an exquisite cocktail.

Juice First
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Starting with juice and syrup is a good idea because it allows the two to mix together completely before the addition of the spirits, but on a more frugal level, it’s smart to start with the cheaper ingredients so you don’t end up with a wasted cocktail if you make a mistake.

Fresh and Muddled
Greenbar Distillery Cocktail Making Fresh and Muddled drink me Greenbar Distillery Spring Campaign

Kick it up a notch by adding your choice of fresh herbs, fruit, vegetables, spices, or any combination to amplify the flavor profile of your cocktail. Select flavors that will complement the spirit of your choosing and you’ll find yourself sipping on a smooth, decadent, and balanced cocktail.

Perfect Pair
Greenbar Distillery Cocktail Making Perfect Pair drink me Greenbar Distillery Spring Campaign

Greenbar Distillery gives us the ideal lineup of spirits to pair with their signature FRUITLAB Liqueur, available in ginger, orange, and hibiscus flavors to suit whatever cocktail is on your night’s drink menu. Combine a FRUITLAB Liqueur of your choice with TRU Vodka or IXÁ Silver Tequila for a drink at home that outshines your favorite bars.

The Garnishing Touch
Greenbar Distillery Cocktail Making Simple Garnish Photo Credit Terreanea Resort drink me Greenbar Distillery Spring Campaign

Photo Credit: Terreanea Resort

Wild, ornate garnishes are all the rage as of late, but simple garnishes serve their purpose best. A twist of fruit peal, sprig of herb, or fresh flower adds fresh aromas and elegance to even the simplest cocktails, changing them from ordinary to exceptional.

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