To people who appreciate the taste of vodka, it is not only pure alcohol: it is nextar of the gods. Karla & Co. Spirits together with Gas Familia Distillery are introducing Goral Vodka Master, the secret to which lies in the use of high quality winter wheat and precise compliance with the prescribed manufacturing process. Born in the heart of Tatra Mountains, the exceptional vodka has a soft, clean and crisp taste. It has been approved by many experts and awarded many medals. The vodka undergoes 7-column distillation and is softened by water from tatra springs while the unique character is intensified by a 7-fold filtration through special blend of natural materials that guarantee its smoothness.

 Goral Vodka Master has been created by Jan Krak, Gas Familia Master Distiller, who has been trying to find the perfect taste for years. Purchase a bottle or ask for it next time you’re out. And don’t forget: there cannot be too much vodka, there can only be not enough vodka.