Modern, funky, and versatile.

This wine rack is great for storing many bottles at once and it can be mounted on a wall or rested on a countertop. Another benefit: many times wine racks won’t fit champagne bottles, but this one will. Oh yeah, baby.

It’s lightweight but sturdy, and makes a great addition to an urban apartment or home. It’s such a refreshing change from your traditional wine racks that are a dime a dozen. The bottles nestle safely into the nooks of this rack, so you don’t have to worry about your precious wines sliding out if they’re not placed at the right angle.

It’s a great gift for a wine enthusiast who is really into collecting–and protecting–his or her favorite vintages. The artistic shape of this rack will set itself apart against any color wall in your home and create a pattern of its own. Go ahead and liven up your space with this rack.