Authentic taste meets a sustainable future.

In the heart of Los Angeles, Greenbar Distillery is rolling out an old favorite for true tequila lovers. There’s nothing quite like sipping on aged agave nectar and that’s exactly what they intended when they released Ixá Añejo. This divine tequila is smoothed to perfection – sometimes, two ice cubes and a glass is all you need to truly indulge on greatness.IXAAnejoTequila_GreenbarDistillery

Unlike many younger new comers, this golden tequila removes the burn of other silver or Blanco spirits. The mellowness is due to following a traditional making process combined with a modern twist from micro-oxygenation and maturing in rye-oak barrels. It’s this production method that paves way to those staple spicy and earthy notes, a result of agave that’s slow cooked in clay ovens and left to mature.

Recognizing that some things take time to create, Greenbar Distillery have placed an emphasis on ensuring they do their part for the future too. That’s why for each bottle sold, they plant a tree in Central America, empowering sustainability in all facets of their business.IXAAnejoTequila1_GreenbarDistillery

If you’re looking for a quality tequila for a special occasion, look no further. Check out Ixá Añejo today and start mixing your rich palate with your quest for a better future – one filled with more tequila!

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