Gonzalez Byass has been producing sherry since 1835. They are experts when it comes to this unique spirit and their long and dedicated history to its crafting has left them with a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and a priceless collection. Almost 2 centuries later their cellars are filled with virtual treasure trove of special vintages, exquisite cask and rare bottles. Lucky for us, the family has decided to “open the vault” so to speak and share some of these priceless gems with the world. Pio X is a very old, very sweet Moscatel, at only 9% alcohol and never having been fortified it is therefore not technically classified as sherry. Following an old family tradition, this special Moscatel was named in honor of Pope Pius X (Pio X in Spanish) in 1903 and is truly a miracle. Made from Moscatel Menudo Blanco, a grape variety that has since disappeared in the region, and it comes from just one remaining cask that contains enough for 120 bottles. Only 100 of these bottles will be released, with the remaining 20 remaining the in the family’s cellar. Each will be numbered and presented in a leather canister and will be a literal piece of history from ages past.

Surprisingly sweet, and showing great vigor despite it’s long sleep in the Gonzalez family cellar, it is both fresh and richly complex with a great cast of flavors and elemental notes including dry figs, walnuts, tar, treacle, lacquer, and coffee.

Collectors are eager for this extremely unique experience and 50 bottles have already been reserved for the UK.  Snag one while you can and enjoy a true taste of the past.