Give your bathtub gin a step up with this infused vodka kit. It’s the simplest way to recreate the spirit in the prohibition style without all the hassle of lots of equipment and, of course, the historically awful taste.

This easy to use kit gives you step-by-step instructions for surefire great results. All you need is your preferred vodka. Contained in 1920s-inspired packaging, this kit includes all of the necessary spices you’ve come to expect in a gin: organic juniper berries, lime peels, coriander, and fennel seed.

The kit also contains a stainless steel funnel, filter, and a 500 mL glass flask with a vintage label to showcase your bathtub gin. The infused vodka kit allows drinkers to make anywhere from 500 mL to 1 liter of a tasty gin. Prohibition could have never tasted this good. Really.