It’s a bitter cold -10O January night in Canada with the moon bouncing pale light off the winter’s frost and master distiller Brian Kinsman is only thinking about one thing: whisky. For him, these conditions are perfect for picking grapes for Icewine.  And, in his brain, the perfect storm is brewing. Glenfiddich Winter Storm.

Upon returning to Dufftown, Brian Kinsman of the Glenfiddich Distillery brought home Icewine casks to ferment his whisky in. The result was unexpected. Not all of the whiskies could hold up to the intensity of the French Oak Icewine barrels. Kinsman soon found out that only the 21-year-old whisky could take the heat, or the cold in this case, thus Winter Storm was born. Because the 21 year has more tannin, it could stand up to the sweetness of the casks, instead of being overwhelmed by it. The warming whisky sensation wrapped together with the freezing temperatures used to make the Icewine makes it the perfect marriage of fire and ice. The fruity notes from the Icewine blend together with the single malt whisky to create a truly unique beverage that finishes crisp and smooth and can only be experienced in this special blend. Sealed in a signature white bottle, this is one whisky that you will want to hold onto, even after the cold nights end.

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