The holiday season, and anytime really, is a time for giving back, whether that be to friends, family, or to those less fortunate. For the sixth straight year, Belvedere Vodka is in the spirit of giving and once again they have teamed up with (RED) to help The Global Fund in their campaign fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa. Belvedere has designed a stunning limited edition red matte bottle for the holiday season. But only for the holiday season, so make sure you get your hands on one as soon as possible.

So far, the team up between Belvedere and (RED) has raised enough money to provide treatment for nearly 40,000 women in Africa living with HIV/AIDS. The world’s original luxury vodka is making it easy this season to feel good about buying spirits from your local retailer or even your local watering hole. In addition to the special bottle, the (BELVEDERE)RED martini is being offered this holiday season at featured bars and restaurants to make giving back even more accessible. This martini, with its red hue, has all of the delicious flavor Belvedere has become known for. Using the vanilla sweet and savory flavor of Belvedere vodka mixed with maraschino liqueur, this cocktail is smooth and sweet, and perfect for the holidays. Add a bottle or two of (BELVEDERE)RED the next time you are picking up your favorite spirits and extending the giving season.

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