It is important to look good for a lot of reasons. Having a six pack doesn’t only mean you’re fit, it also means you take care of your body and you do care for how you appear. While we all want chiseled abs, very few people are able to achieve it. Make no two bones about it, getting washboard abs is not easy, but with the right information you can make it possible.

Let’s have a look at how to get six pack abs:


Remember that abs are made in the kitchen, and polished in the gym. No amount of workout will help you get a six pack abs if you do not control what you eat. You need to know what you consume as the food we eat impact our body, and abs is all about keeping your body fat low.

What we eat mainly consists of carbs, fats and proteins. Carbohydrates are known to be the main source of energy. Fats are stored in your body to be used later as further energy, even though it’s not that efficient for the body. Finally protein is the source of building our muscles after their breakdown.

In order to make abs, you need to focus on a diet that is high in carbohydrates and protein but low in fats. This is pretty obvious. How do we do it though? We keep an eye on calories that we consume, and make sure not to eat more than what we should. The right amount of calories depend on our gender and height etc. Consume more of soy, apples, yogurt, egg without yolk, and leafy greens. Other than this, stay away from fast food and sweets. A good nutritious diet that is less in fats will provide you with the right amount of energy and muscle building fuel to engage your body to reduce fat and build those abs.

Working Out

It is pretty obvious that you need to sweat in the gym if you wish to get abs. Merely going for a jog everyday or doing some yoga will not give you the physique that you desire. You must turn to weight and do abs exercises to get results. You can also try high intensity training called HITT. It is a very fast paced workout that helps you burn a lot of calories. Remember, building abs is all about burning calories and getting rid of fat, so concentrate on more reps and not the weight. Lastly, at the end of your workouts, do an ab training session. These include leg raises, crunches and situps. Condition your abs and focus on being consistent. The harder it gets, the better it is.


Try some healthy pre workout supplements for better results. These supplements design your body to react more to your workout, and as a result you see better results.

Do Not Give Up

It may be months before you begin to see results, so remember the time lag and do not give up. Keep your progress ahead of you and never forget your end goal to stay motivated.