Lost Distillery Co is definitely not lost when it comes to whisky. The expert distillers focus and pride themselves on 10 key components of creating the greatest hand crafted whiskies. These 10 components, such as locality, water, barley and so on, result in 8 key flavor nuances for their whiskies: peaty, floral, fruity, cereal, winey, woody, sulphery, and fenty. Dedicating their practice to the traditional ways of distilling whisky, no chill filtration or coloring is involved in their methods. Located in Scotland, these malt whiskies contain history and traditional value.

To add to their collection, Lost Distillery is releasing a Discovery Selection, which is a six-pack of mini malts for consumers to go on an exploration of their whisky palates. Each one of the mini malts are dedicated and gives tribute to the different sections of Scotland and their history with whisky while including a modern twist for accurate adjustment and improvement. The package comes with six miniature whiskies from the Classic Selection for beginners to try their tastes and for experienced lovers to develop their tastes even more.