Sipping a fine craft cocktail often involves descending dimly-lit stairs into an underground boozy den. But what if you could have the same fine drink after ascending the skies to a cruising altitude of 30,000 feet? Sounding like first class?

Not so. Thanks to the W&P Design gang out of Brooklyn, there are now mouthwatering craft cocktails. On a plane. Just tuck this Carry-On Cocktail Kit into your seat-back pocket or nearest hand luggage, and then wait for cruising altitude. Once your tray table is unstowed, open the tin, and you’ll have all the Old Fashioned ingredients—sans the bourbon—ready to roll. In addition to just enough aromatic bitters and cane sugar for two cocktails, the kit includes a mixing spoon and a recipe card with instructions, in case you get giddy. The kit also includes a linen coaster for your drink glass (not included) because you’re too spoiled for an inflight napkin.

Congratulations. Your in-flight drinking experience has just been elevated. The only thing better than an orange wheel garnish would be if the drink came served in a diamond cut rocks glass. But that’s beginning to sound like first class.

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