Imagine a time when you couldn’t walk into a bar, sit down, turn to the bartender and order whatever your heart desired. Imagine a time when a drink could have cost you your job, or your reputation, or your life. Would it be worth it? Maybe for the right drink. Flaviar Whiskey Club has joined arms with USA Network’s Damnation and offering a special tasting box that fully embodies the flavor of this turbulent time. A taste of the early 1930s, this box is packed with spirits redolent of that turbulent time. Each one reminiscent of speakeasys, gunfights, and the moral war waged with the citizens of the united states over their right to have a drink, Prohibition.

Every box comes with a specially curated collection of 3 50ml bottles of quintessentially American spirits, pulled straight from this era, you can practically taste the gun smoke and secret backdoor deals. First up is Journeyman’s W.R. Whiskey, a 90-proof trailblazer that is quick to fire, aged for less than 24 hours in new white oak barrels. Next, New Holland Brewing’s Beer Barrel Bourbon bellies up to the bar with smooth and delicious debauchery, finished in Dragon’s Milk stout barrels. And last, but never say least, WhistlePig Rye, sweet but spicy, and aged in new American Oak with a Bourbon Barrel finish. Careful though, it may sneak up on you and rob you blind.

This box has it all, danger, intrigue, forbidden fruit…but most importantly a hell of a lot of favor. So sit down and pour a glass and prepare to be transported to a time when every drink could have been your last.

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