Your new favorite canned lemonade puts all other canned cocktails to shame. Fishers Island Lemonade is as advertised, 100% spiked, and the new must-have summer drink. The founder, Bronya Shillo, named the beverage for the small seven-mile island where it is made, a picturesque summer destination off the southern coast of Connecticut. For Shillo, the slogan is simple and sweet: the boozy lemonade is the best, “the bee’s knees.” Distributed in yellow-and-white striped cans, the company name is at the center while a bee hovers above.

Shillo’s family owns The Pequot Inn, the only bar on Fisher’s Island—the place where first became immersed in the business, where she learned to craft and refine ordinary cocktails, where she expertly blended the signature lemonade and made it what it is today. Made from vodka, whiskey, and natural flavors, this giggle water is gluten-free and extremely versatile. On the website there are many inventive recipes for drinks and blends, made special with FIL’s lemonade, from the “Watermelon Keg” to the “Lemosa.” No matter when or how you drink it, Fisher’s Island Lemonade is the perfect refresher for those approaching long, hot summer days.

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