Creature Comforts Brewery is located in Athens, Georgia. Creature Comforts pride itself in creativity and curiosity. The combination can be extremely rewarding. And, this shows through all of the innovative beers they have in their menu. Just take a look at their motto: “Creature Comforts craves curiosity”. Now we know why their beers such as Tropicália, Koko Buni, Galactic Space Circus, and Tritonia Cucumber and Lime are so delicious and innovatively enticing!

Tritonia Cucumber and Lime is the perfect combination of refreshing, acidity, and bitterness. The Gose has a pleasant saltiness and coriander flavor to it that is complimentary to all the ingredient additions. As the weather gets warmer, the drinks get more refreshing and Tritonia Cucumber and Lime from Creature Comforts is the most refreshing it gets!