Classic in style and clean, the Falcon Enamelware Teapot is perfect for making your favorite hot tea. This bright, white pot comes in a porcelain-fused finish, formed onto a heavy-gauge steel. Coined “the British masters of cookware,” Falcon is known worldwide for being the best of the best when it comes to enamelware.

The brand’s signature blue rim adds character and a sense of comfort in knowing you are using a durable staple that has a history all its own. The fact that this enamelware teapot has been a must-have in British homes for the last 100 years is proof that Falcon only brings the best experience for tea drinkers.

The Falcon Enamelware Teapot can be used on both the stove-top and is oven-safe up to temperatures of 530F / 270C. The teapot is chemically-resistant and dishwasher safe, making Falcon Enamelware both durable and reliable when brewing your favorite tea.