Everyone knows France is one of the wine capitals of the world with one region in particular, Bordeaux, grabbing the attention of the media. A Bordeaux wine is very obviously any wine produced in Bordeaux, but with wine becoming the main namesake of the region, what about the other talents and unique professions that further add to the rich history?

To showcase the Bordeaux region as more than just wine, Bordeaux Wine releases a new mini documentary series titled “Beyond Bordeaux”. Sommelier Patrick Cappiello takes on the task of exploring the iconic wine region. Each profession discussed shares many of the same artistic and time-consuming ideals that are necessary for quality wine to be born. For example, Cappiello, on separate occasions, visits an oyster farm—a process that takes nearly 4 years—and a graffiti artist who includes the nuances of wine within his art to grasp Bordeaux in paintings on public walls (legally of course). The series along with other Bordeaux related things can be viewed here.

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