Beer and coffee.

These are some of the greatest inventions of our human race. And some of the best porters on the market brilliantly combine them.

One of these brilliant examples comes from Brooklyn Brewery, with their new Intensified Coffee Porter.

The experts behind Brooklyn Brewery know a thing or two about beer. Their namesake lager is a case study in how to achieve widespread success with a microbrew.

Another thing they know about is when to call on outside experts. Their iconic logo was created by legendary designer Milton Glaser, the genius behind the I HEART NYC design. And now, with this porter, they’re looking to experts Finca El Manzano Single Origin Coffee for the Salvadoran beans and Blue Bottle Coffee for help roasting the beans.

As if combining great coffee and beer isn’t enough. Brooklyn Brewery age this beer in Kentucky bourbon barrels to add a little creaminess to this porter, which comes in at 11.8 percent ABV. Yes, this is porter. Intensified.