If you’re in Los Angeles on September 26th, I’ve got a tip off for an unbeatable party to celebrate and honor an amazing cause. It is a pool party, but no bathing suits required because after all the temperature is beginning to drop even in Los Angeles. Concá, the new Angelino vodka brand, is co-hosting this empty pool extravaganza with Dig Deep. While the party is fueled by good times, the heart of it lays with the concern of the drought affecting Los Angeles and surrounding areas. To bring awareness to water conservation, Concá has drained a pool and repurposed the water into vodka—the very alcohol responsible for the party’s cocktails. Don’t worry, the water was very carefully filtered before undergoing the distillation process. The intention is to use the recycled pool water to craft a daring vodka that’ll spark creative thoughts on other ways to view and conserve water while bringing together the community for an epic day.

This event is going down at a secret empty pool in Los Angeles beginning at noon. What you can expect: sustainably sourced, water-friendly food, drinks featuring the pool water vodka, new flushless toileted restrooms, interactive projects to increase education, gift bags filled with water-saving tools, live music courtesy of Crown & the M.O.B and The Flashdance, and a special appearance by a secret guest headliner! Reserve your spot here with free tickets when you commit to water saving actions. You really don’t want to miss out on partying for a cause.