Think Green. Greenbar Distillery, an L.A. based organic distillery, has rolled up their sleeves and gone to the garden on this one.

TRU Garden Vodka brings together all of the best herbs (9 of them in fact!) to create an infused spirit that is begging to be the base for your favorite seasonal or savory cocktails. The flavors of celery, dill, fennel and coriander basically scream Bloody Mary, but don’t be afraid to try it with other fruit and vegetable based mixes as well.

The distillers at Greenbar Distillery make a strong argument that the fresher and better sourced the ingredients, the better the drink and in this case, we completely agree. Their commitment to concocting spirits from local, organic produce and spices sets the bar high and offers a new kind of infused vodka where the flavor comes from the food, not synthetic additives.

On the palate, this vodka really is a spring garden—herbaceous and green with a clean buoyant finish.

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