What happens when you mix two forms of technological genius? In this case, complete and utter brilliance. When Vineview (a remote sensing company) and SkySquirrel (an unmanned Aerial System producer), or in simple speak “drone pioneer” sat down at the table, they probed the question: “How can we use our technologies to improve the quality of wine”. The result? Aqweo.

Aqweo is the world’s very first drone that has been built to improve the quality of vineyards through photo analytics and data analysis. How does this work? Well, allow me to tell you:


Comprehensive GPS System

Aqweo’s state of the art GPS system allows the drone to fly up to a height of two miles and a horizontal distance of up to a mile from where the pilot is located. If it goes out of reach, not to worry! Software programmed into the drone will ensure it safely and automatically returns to the very spot the pilot is standing.


What Does It Measure?

According to geographic parameters you input , the drone will measure the overall condition of your vineyards. Onboard imaging gadgets look at things such as water stress and temperature as well as NDVI and Vigour Maps (fancy words meaning the nutrition and ‘green’ health of crops).


So How Much Will This Cost Me?

Given that there is really nothing like this on the market right now, the starting price for your very own Aqweo is $15k. The system will become available in Europe, Canada, and South America early next year, with U.S. sales beginning once the FAA has completed their review.

To see what Aqweo looks like, check out the images below!