Ever wonder how hangover cures work? Or if they even really do? DrinkAde comes with Vitamins B5 B12, and electrolytes. It’s caffeine free, gluten free, and has zero sugar, carbs or calories. We put it to the test during a night of whiskey tasting, only to find the next day that the tummy was a little more settled than usual after such debauchery, and the head as clear as it should be on a regular day.

It’s not rocket science how DrinkAde works, although it is science, kind of. Aloe vera aids digestion and supports the liver in eliminating toxins. B vitamins help increase energy levels and help restore mental alertness when fatigued. Gotu kola helps enhance mental clarity by helping to eliminate mental fog. Milk thistle supports overall liver health and supports the body in processing toxins. It also helps relieve occasional indigestion. Potassium is an electrolyte that helps balance the amount of water in your body. It also helps support proper nerve and muscle function.

The net result is that it doesn’t taste too bad, and you’re better off with DrinkAde than without it. That’s the official Drink Me recommendation.

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