We’ve all been there. Its summer, you make yourself a cocktail, pour a glass of wine, mix a margarita, pour some beer from the keg and get distracted. You leave your beer to go play a quick round of Kan Jam or you put down your wine to take a dip in the pool. If you aren’t leaving your drink with a group of diligent protectors, you are leaving it to be ruined. And I’m not talking about Karen who is notorious for picking up drinks that don’t belong to her. No, I’m talking about fruit flies, regular flies, bees, mosquitoes, any small bug that will gladly enjoy your drink for you while you are away. It’s frustrating to come back to take a sip only to find an insect pool party in your glass. Well the people behind Drink Tops have you covered, literally.

The idea is so simple, you’ll be kicking yourself for not thinking of it, but boy is it effective. Drink Tops are a cover to place over your lid to keep all unwanted pests out of your beverage. The covers are BPA-free silicone and even help your drink stay cold in the summer sun! You can choose to purchase the regular covers or their new innovative “tap and seal” design which seals to the top of glasses with a simple tap. Coming in different colors, you can differentiate who’s drink belongs to who. And the best part, Drink Tops have even made different toppers for wine glasses, plastic cups, and even margarita glasses! Make sure you pick up a set soon to ensure that you and your guests are the only ones enjoying your drinks this summer.

Price: From $9.95

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