The Carry On Cocktail Kit provides everything you need to mix two proper old-fashioned cocktails at 30,000 feet. Simply carry on your kit (don’t worry, it will make it through security just fine), order a mini-bottle of bourbon, and use the custom combination bar spoon / muddler to mix in the included cane sugar and small batch bitters.

You are now free to cocktail about the cabin.


Included in the Kit:

Carry On Tin: Small enough to fit in your pocket, this reusable tin transports your mobile bar in style.
Recipe Card: The handy recipe card walks you through the steps to craft a proper Old Fashioned using the kit.
Spoon/Muddler: Designed to help muddle and stir your old fashioned, this stainless steel spoon/muddler is half bar spoon, half cocktail muddler.
Aromatic Bitters: Crafted in small batches by bitters geniuses in Brooklyn, these aromatic bitters bring a punch of flavor to your Old Fashioned.
Cane Sugar: This unrefined Demarara Cane Sugar creates the deep, rich flavor of your Old Fashioned.
Linen Coaster: Let this linen coaster add a bit of class to your next in-flight cocktail.