September 1st did not only indicate a new fall season but was also the time of announcement of an addition to the No. 1 bourbon family. Jim Beam pushes the boundaries through innovation with this new Kentucky Straight Bourdon Whiskey. Jim Beam Double Oak is unique and portrays inventive production by being an exception and perfectly balanced spirit that was finished in oak, was twice barreled and aged four years. In addition, this fall, Jim Beam is planting white oak tree saplings in Bullitt County, KY to portray the appreciation and integral oak of oak in their fine bourbons.

Double Oak first it sits in freshly charred, new American oak barrels and is then transferred to newly charred American oak barrels and aged to perfection. This second barreling creates a complex level to the palate with delicious oakiness and rich caramel. Golden amber in color with notes of distinct spiced oakiness, caramel and toffee, it creates a premium bourbon experience. The nose of caramel, vanilla and hints of toasted wood bring out the richer and woodier flavors than of any other whiskey. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks or mixed in classic cocktails for an indulgence of this fine bourbon.

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