Distiller – a website where whiskey experts, learners, and lovers come together to rate, review, and recommend whiskeys world-wide. After partnering with Ezra, one of the leading online marketers of craft spirits and alcohol, Distiller is now able to offer more than an online drinking experience.

The brand new Distiller app is the only app to provide individualized whiskey recommendations. Users input everything from expertise level to drinking environment, flavor preferences to price bracket. It also acts as a community where novices and the well-versed alike can provide their recommendations as well as create and share a digital archive of their personal whiskey collection. Based on this information, the app is able to generate a solid list of “what to drink next” and… ship it!

That’s right, anyone in-state can have their whiskey recommendations delivered right to their door with a simple tap of the “buy button.” Whiskey collectors no longer have to hunt down the rare, foreign, or limited release; newbies don’t have to get lost in the aisles of the liquor store. No matter who, where, or what whiskey – education through engagement is encouraged.

Download the Distiller app, available on both iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod) and Android and become a part of whiskey social scene.

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