Tucked away in Seattle’s unassuming Interbay neighborhood, Holy Mountain Brewing Co. is one of the newest beer geek destinations in the city. Its taproom officially opened in January 2015, much to the delight of those who had previously tasted its sanctified suds at release parties and special events. From the entrance on Elliott Ave., pilgrims pass through a corridor that leads to a long, hardwood bar and handsome seating area. The ever-changing draught list, laden with oaked and brett-conditioned offerings, is written in chalk on the black panels that mount a whitewashed wall. Make no mistake: these newcomers are not novices. In a city that is saturated with pale ales and IPAs, the brewers at Holy Mountain devote their depth of knowledge to crafting unique takes on common styles by blending in original cultures and barrel-aging many of their brews to produce a delicate and complex signature. The stainless-steel kettles and tanks that bear their delicious libations shine behind the long windows above the taps, imparting a feeling of stepping in to a laboratory where experimentation is standard practice and outcomes are limitless. When the weather is nice, the large bay door in back is drawn up, making the taproom an especially refreshing venue to enjoy a crisp Watchman’s House Common Lager or Astral Projection IPA on a spring or summer afternoon.

Holy Mountain Brewing Co.

1421 Elliott Ave W
Seattle, Washington

Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed, Fri at 3pm
Sat & Sunday at noon.

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