Bold and daring, the red bottle of Demi Sec from Armand de Brignac is the perfect date night bottle. Prettier than roses and a lot more fun, the Demi Sec blends the freshness of fruit with a hint of sweetness and maintains that balance well. Aged for six years, this Demi Sec pairs well with a wide variety of foods. It goes great with cheeses and can also function as a dessert wine, replacing that tired box of chocolates (or enhancing it!), and it goes brilliantly with baked goods, in case you had pastries in mind. And if you would like to enjoy this with dinner instead of dessert, the Demi Sec pairs wonderfully with foie gras and lightly spiced foods.

The perfect companion with dinner or after the show, this is the only prestige cuvée Demi Sec in the world.  While the aromas remind consumers of candy, grapefruit, and caramel, the palate flavors include citrus fruits, honey and blackberries. Its dark pink bottle calls out to consumers and sends reminders of wrapped hard candy. So this year, be truly unforgettable and replace the ordinary with a dashing red bottle of Demi Sec, and make it your very own Love Potion Number 9.

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