The six words no one wants to hear before they’ve had their coffee: “We stop serving breakfast at 10:30.”  Sonny Koufax’s reaction to this disheartening news is something we can all relate to.  Early mornings and long nights in our nation’s capital make breakfast a much needed all day affair.  Luckily DC is home to several breakfast joints that keep the coffee flowing and the bacon sizzling for the better part of the day and for a fraction of the weekend brunch prices.

BIG BEAR CAFEBig Bear Breakfast Washington DC Drink Me Mag

As you sip on your morning loose leaf tea in Big Bear’s big den, it’s hard not to feel a warming and homey sense wash over you, allowing you to ease into the day.  Whether you’re up for a homemade scone to-go or a skillet scramble in the sun – Big Bear’s just the place to center yourself before embarking on your daily DC metroride.

Take Two: Pull up a seat on Big Bear’s patio, enjoy the Sunday paper and stop by the Bloomingdale farmer’s market.

Location: 1700 1st St., NW (R St. NW & 1st St. NW) – Bloomingdale
Breakfast Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-12pm; Saturday-Sunday 7:30am-1pm
Breakfast Prices: $$
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LOVE N’ FAITH CAFE   Breakfast Washington DC Drink Me Mag love n faith

What’s love got to do with it?  Just as much as faith and community when it comes to this 14th St. neighborhood cafe’s motif.  Nestled in between Columbia Heights and U Street, Love N’ Faith makes it convenient to swing by before starting your morning commute.  This bright and cheery cafe offers a delicious assortment to get you going, including some favorites like the bacon, egg and cheese panini or the Blueberry Love smoothie.  Added bonus, you can up your poetry game as you stare blankly into the inspirational quotes etched into each of the cafe’s tables while you wait for your latte to kick in.

Take Two: Hop off the 54 on your way home to satisfy your sweet tooth by trying the liquid nitrogen cookies n’ cream ice cream.

Location: 2424 14th St., NW – Columbia Heights/ U Street
Breakfast Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-9pm; Friday 7am-10pm; Saturday 9am-10pm; Sunday 10am-10pm
Breakfast Prices: $
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gbd Breakfast Washington DC Drink Me Mag

Time to make the doughnuts.  More like, time to eat the doughnuts.  Spice up your morning routine with a little something sweet.  And the best part is, mom can’t even stop you.  Whether you opt for the Funfetti, Maple Bourbon Bacon or the daily special, GBD’s doughnuts are guaranteed to be golden brown and delicious.  Not the dessert-for-breakfast type? No problem, this rustic-style pit stop offers other south of the Mason-Dixon line morning favorites like the Lil Chicken Biscuit with Spicy Honey or the Uncle Buck on a creme fraiche biscuit.

Take Two:  Ok, so you still had to go to work.  Good thing GBD makes homemade punch for happy hour.

Location: 1323 Connecticut  Ave., NW – Dupont
Breakfast Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-2pm; Saturday-Sunday 10am-3pm
Breakfast Prices: $
Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Website |  Contact
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PETE’S DINERPete's DiPete's Diner Breakfast Washington DC Drink Me Mag drinkmemag.comner Breakfast Washington DC Drink Me Mag

Maybe last night’s fundraiser was a little bit heavier on the wine rather than the cheese.  A full meal from one of the city’s best greasy spoons will do just the trick before you have to send your morning policy brief to the boss.  In keeping with traditional diner fare, Pete’s serves all the breakfast staples, including the “2 Egg Special.”  And for those looking for a meatless morning fix, grab a counter stool and sip your coffee while Pete’s chefs whip up Jack Johnson’s favorite: Banana Pancakes.

Take Two:  Do your weekend out-of-towners need a break from touring Capitol Hill?  Fuel-up at Pete’s for a quick lunch before hitting up the Smithsonians.

Location: 212 2nd St., SE – Capitol Hill
Breakfast Hours: Monday-Friday 6am-3pm; Saturday-Sunday 7am-3pm
Breakfast Prices: $
Connect: Facebook | Website
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