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Winery – D’Arenberg
Wine – Dead Arm
Vintage – 1998
Varietal – 100% Shiraz
Score – 95/100
Price – GBP £50 USD $73.46

It’s not often you come across a new world wine approaching twenty years in age, that could last another twenty years! But with the 1998 Dead Arm from D’Arenberg, that’s exactly what you get. At circa £50, it’s also very reasonable. That may sound crazy, and if your average spend is £5, then of course it’s extortionate, but for many wine lovers all over the world who occasionally seek something ‘above and beyond’ their usual choice and are fed up of being lulled into shiny ‘top shelf’ marketing and paying £15 a pop, time and time again for at best, a mediocre bottle of wine, just because it happens to be at the right eye level, then this must be a candidate for that special occasion!

A rich, deep aromatic bouquet of blackberry, sloe, wood spice, leather, menthol and mocha. It really is one of the most intense noses I’ve ever come across, it’s hugely satisfying and the palate is no let down. Black cherry, damson, vanilla, milk chocolate and dried spice. It’s broad and intense, and keeps evolving after time spent out of the bottle.

This is one seriously full bodied Shiraz. Elegant, dry, still full of acidity, with ripe polished tannins and a wonderful intensity. Robust, masculine and absolutely bloody beautiful. Decant for best results.