Just like all wonderful things in life, we consider wine to be an art; an art that is made more extravagant and wondrous by the environment it is surrounded by. Every now and again I see something in passing that catches my eye, and most recently I was introduced to the Corvi Concrete Wine Cooler. In my day-to-day life I come across a lot of wine gizmo’s and just as I think i’ve seen it all – something new comes along. With Corvi, that happened, and a little buzz was kicked into my wine-filled heart.


It’s simplicity in design allows it to fit in within almost any environment, whilst its ability to retain cold temperatures that last several hours after being placed in the freezer overnight make it incredibly practical (especially in drought-affected areas). Alright, it may take a little longer to cool your wine than an ice bucket, but you don’t get the wet drip, the label doesn’t fall to pieces in your hands and quite frankly it’s strikes up immediate conversation – which is something you don’t often find with an ice bucket these days.

Aside from using it as an instant remedy to cool your wine, it’s also the perfect solution for a makeshift wine storage. I’f you’ve not got a wine cellar, place your favorite vintages within the Corvi on its side in a cool place – the temperature will be retained, keeping your wine at the optimum level to age. Perfect.

Francisco Corvi is the chap who created it, alongside a range of other concrete goodies (which are just as spectacular). The Argentinean concrete buff set out to design something different, in fact he believes that a piece of him is retained within every product he created. So embrace that little piece of Francisco, put him in your freezer and help the environment while being the talk of the wine-town.

I’ll cheers to that.