Coffee makes everything better: mornings, dessert, and evening liqueur. Conker Spirit’s new release, a Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur, is likewise a success. The geniuses behind Conker didn’t rely on an ancient family recipe or a Master Distiller, to hone their craft—it’s a collective pursuit to uniquely imbue their Spirits in new and exciting ways. Located in Dorset’s first gin distillery, they set out to make a coffee liqueur unlike any other on the market, one that tasted like a rich espresso.

The process was anything but simple. After a year and 96 failed recipes, they finally refined the perfect blend, a mix of wheat liqueur, a hint of demerara sugar, and Dorset-roasted Brazilian and Ethiopian coffee beans. Made naturally with no additives, the result is a lovely robustly flavored liqueur. The proof is in the bean! A one-of-a-kind espresso liqueur, you may order it in-store across the UK or online via 31 Dover, Borough Wines, Harvey Nichols, Master of Malt, The General Wine Company, and the Whiskey Exchange.

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