Now, we’ve all heard of or tried bubble tea and there was nothing more satisfying than funneling the small tapioca or fruit jelly balls through the straw for a sweet chewy treat. But, what if I were to tell you there’s soon to be an alcoholic equivalent added to the market. Buzzlepops are onto something pretty incredible—little flavored alcohol (10%) bubbles that will add a little pizazz by way of color, flavor, and aesthetic flare to any drink. Not to mention, they’re extremely versatile. Add to wine for a pearl effect, freeze to use as ice for any chilled cocktail, serve before a meal as an aperitif, or place it atop a desert. They’re so special that they deserve to be in a category all its own. The glorious creators have already given some pretty clever cocktail creations utilizing the fruity alcoholic spheres; now show us how innovative you could be with some Buzzlepops on your side.

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