Cody Road, an authentic and natural collection of whiskies made in Le Claire, Iowa, is the quintessential American Whisky.  Produced by the Mississippi River Distilling Company, which was founded back in 2010, by brothers Ryan and Garrett Burchett, the whisky is crafted for you, not for the masses.  The four whiskies in the collection promise the Burchett brothers’ belief in quality, as well as, the importance of home and family.  All grain is grown within 25 miles of the distillery. And the name itself, Cody Road, pays homage to Buffalo Bill Cody who was actually born in Le Claire. Even the bottles, which depict select pictures of the Old West, honor the brand’s namesake and the rich history involved in making it what it is today.  Their classic aging process is reminiscent of the method our forefathers used: no chill filtering or added color impedes the rye’s originality of flavor.

Crafted from grain to glass, the first in the collection, Cody Road Bourbon, is aged for two years in newly charred oak barrels to assume a mix of flavors from sweet corn to vanilla to caramel, which all culminate in a delightful nutty finish. The Rye, by contrast, is bold and spicy intermingled with a light fruity flavor.  Third on the list, the Single-Barrel Rye is ideal for a Manhattan, with its balanced sweet taste.  Finally, the Single Barrel Bourbon soars with notes of vanilla and buttery wheat, flavors that pair well in an Old Fashioned. Available in select states, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany, Cody Road Whisky advertises natural flavors and an inspired story in each and every bottle.  

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