From the Brooklyn-based team that brought you the Homemade Gin Kit comes another perfectly crafted drinks set: the portable cocktail kit. This tote, from W&P Design, includes all the necessary accessories for cocktail preparation. Within the kit, mixologists on-the-go can quickly reach for a natural hardwood muddler, a jigger, and a creative shaker with a vintage twist.

This shaker, designed as a repurposed Ball Mason jar, promises to make its owner look both resourceful and authentic. For enjoying the shaken masterpieces, the kit also includes two linen cocktail napkins and two glass coupes recalling 1930s champagne glasses.

Best of all, the items in the kit come neatly contained within a fashionable, forest green canvas tote which will easily complement a mixologist’s dapper attire and the fixie they ride to the party. Just add spirits to get the show started.