Many diets and cleanses require some foodless days leave the stomach craving for something solid. The zesty minds over at Dirty Lemon want to give consumers looking to detox their body without the dangerous side effects of giving up food for lengthy periods. Actually with Dirty Lemon you don’t have to give up food at all! One order is one week’s worth of the detoxing and all-natural drink (6 16-oz bottles). Dirty Lemon is comprised of cleansing and alkalizing lemon juice, toxin absorbing activated charcoal, and digestion supportive ginger and dandelion root. The drink is crafted in the USA, cold pressed, and raw. With no added sugar or GMO ingredients, Dirty Lemon strives to only offer organic herbs, pharmaceutical grade charcoal, and freshly squeezed lemons in every bottle.

Treat your body right—drink before bed on a full stomach to effectively calm the stomach, flush out the kidneys, and trap impurities before the body absorbs them. Don’t fall into diets and cleanses, let Dirty Lemon detox your system.