We’ve stumbled upon a very basic and simple product to enhance your cocktail experience ten fold. Tudor Ice Company has done the research and the results came in and tap water ice cubes contain any combination of bacteria, fungus, presumptive coliform bacteria, and fecal coliforms. Obviously disgusted, Tudor Ice Company, with all their pure ice knowledge, could not let cocktail seekers stoop to such a dirty level. They created an innovative 9-step filtration and purification process that takes municipal tap water and transforming it crystal clear. With an unimaginable low parts per million of dissolved solids, Tudor Premium Ice is not only pure, but also slow melting and clean as they come in single use containers. Your cocktails will become a simply chilled mixture of the alcohol of your choosing, as Tudor Ice adds absolutely nothing to the drink due to minimal dilution and maximum chill. Physics helped to determine the perfect size square that could sit in the glass pour after pour to keep your drink fresh. Regular ice is generally broken up into small chunks that dissolve as soon as they make contact with the liquid. Tudor is a 6oz cube that has less surface area when compared to the equivalent ounces broken up into many cubes meaning the one larger cube will melt slower and last longer. No more watered down drinks or asking for more ice! Tudor Ice has the research and the science backing its feasibility within the restaurant industry and the home. Don’t miss your chance to help support and back a new type of ice.


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