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Spirit: CITY Amber Gin
Ingredients: Organic juniper, lemon, lavender, angelica, orris root, coriander, vanilla, cardamom, clove,
fennel, cinnamon, allspice, chamomile, star anise
ABV: 42 (84% Proof)
Score: 92 Points

A tempting orange hue sits within the glass, a result of 14 botanicals being macerated for up to two months. The color offers a glimpse as to just how concentrated the liquid inside has become. A plethora of baked spices such as five spice and clove sit on the nose with layers of juniper and white pepper lingering in the background. The mid-palate offers a sweet honey and vanilla glaze that covers the tongue, producing a warming mouthfeel. Upon the finish it’s a concentration of floral notes that are released, creating the perfect ending to this story.