It’s likely you’ve had a cup of coffee made with a CHEMEX Coffeemaker.

The classic coffeemaker, designed with lab-grade borosilicate glass, has been trusted by cafe owners and coffee aficionados for more than 70 years for its ability to deliver a superior cup of coffee. Over the years CHEMEX has expanded its range of products to include all equipment around the coffee brewing experience, including this water kettle.

Much like the coffeemaker, this water kettle combines superior quality materials with museum-worthy design to deliver a functional and elegant water kettle. Its brilliant design includes a “steam stopper” that keeps the kettle neck easy to touch, by allowing hot steam to escape from the top. And, just as you expect with all CHEMEX products, the glass used in the kettle is non-porous, so it will never impart unwanted flavors into your water.

Regardless of what you’re heating water for in the kitchen, the quality and durability of this kettle is hard to match.