For those of us who appreciate fine wine and spirits, our discerning palates often drive us to the best of all beverages, including the first of the morning: coffee. Making a brew that is pleasing to the tastebuds is easy with this classic six-cup coffeemaker from Chemex, which promises the “purest flavor experience.”

This coffeemaker facilitates the pour over brewing technique, which is increasingly popular for both its simplicity and wonders in capturing the unique notes of a coffee. Making a pour-over cup is a delight with this coffeemaker thanks to its beautiful design, with a simple hourglass shape and polished wood collar with a leather tie.

As its name suggests, Chemex takes the science behind coffee brewing very seriously. This coffeemaker is made with non-porous borosilicate glass, which prevents odors and chemical residues of coffee from sticking around to affect the taste of future pour-overs. The result is an interesting cup every time, with only the flavors of the grounds and the maker’s preferences extracted into the coffee.