Flaviar is breaking the mold for spirit drinkers. Flaviar founder Grisa Soba has worked tirelessly to develop a platform for spirit drinkers that want to expand both their knowledge and horizons. After 5 years, Flaviar’s revolutionary quarterly liquor packages will finally be available for delivery to the most passionate spirit enthusiasts. These brilliant packages feature exclusive hot off the presses releases, invitations to curated tasting events, and original merchandise and fine spirit content all packaged in tastefully themed liquor packages delivered right to your door.

These packages are here to take your spirit expertise from novice to Jedi. Flaviar is taking the high school out of drinking and moving members spirit knowledge into doctorate levels. The experience and versatility offered by these packages introduce what is hot, new, and delicious in the world of fine spirits. Members will receive information and invitations to regional curated bottlings and Flaviar hosted events that feature tastings. Flaviar’s website also offers an extensive liquor database where members can tighten up their expertise about their favorite liquors. The world of fine spirits is no longer impossible to conquer. “Tasting is believing,” and Flaviar is primed and ready to make believers out of their members.