Chakana winery was founded in 2002 when Juan Pelizzati’s passion for wine and agriculture drove him to enter the wine industry. His mission? To introduce world consumers to the taste and culture of the Andes, and their dedication to the study and understanding of the best terroirs led them to produce authentic wines that express the characteristics of their soil. Mendoza, where Chakana is located, is by far the largest and best-known winemaking providence in Argentina, and is responsible for over 70% of the enological output in the country. The most prominent wine to come out of Mendoza is the Malbec, and Chakana Estate’s Selection Malbec is one in particular to take note of by any wine lover.

The climate is dry and continental which makes it less of a challenge during the growing process. The result is a colorful and intense wine with notes of plum, brambly berries, spices, and iris. Most notable are the floral and fruity flavors, which make this medium to full body wine incredibly intense and desirable. Enjoy it with roasted meats, duck, or pasta.

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