Cavit Trento’s new Lunetta Prosecco NV sparkles. Cultivated in Trentino, Italy, the illustrious province known for its singular climate and geography, the wine is imbibed with just the right amount of fizz to blend alongside its light and fruity flavor. Originally founded in 1950, as a consortium of associated grape growers, Cavit has since transformed into one of the leading regional producers of sparkling wine, currently operating a large network of wine cellars. For the winemaking team, headed by Anselmo Martini, the primary goal in crafting Cavit’s portfolio of wines—from the Lunetta range to the prized, Altemasi Trentodoc Riserva Graal—is and always will be promoting quality wine and its accompanying culture.

Of course, the Prosecco is no exception. The high altitude vineyards and diurnal temperature variation critical to the growing period are ultimately what bestow the sparkling wine with its trademark elegance and delicate fizz. And the fruity aroma is a lovely introduction to the fresh hints of green apple and pear, which mix together softly on the palate. Available to purchase at a number of retailors including but not limited to, Amps Fine Wines, Woodwinters Wines and Whiskies Ltd, or via the company’s online Wine Shop, the Lunetta Prosecco NV is holding its sparkling hand out to you.  Saluti!

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