Absolut Vodka has not only made a name for themselves within the spirits world by producing a plethora common and exotic flavors, but also by releasing aesthetically pleasing bottles full of colors and intricate designs. The creative juices kept flowing for Absolut until they introduced something truly electric to contain their Original Vodka, which is made from natural ingredients with no added sugar creating a rich and full-bodied yet smooth and mellow taste beginning with a distinct character of grain that melts into the finishing notes of dried fruit. Their newest limited edition bottles add just the right amount of chrome to the Absolut Nights collection. Absolut Electrik is one of two metallic bottles: conductive silver or Absolut’s signature cobalt blue. The bottles are coated with a semi-transparent coating creating see-through reflection. The colors represent exactly what they’re named for and are reminiscent of flashing lights. Add a little spark to your night and get the party started.


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