Manfred Jüni started zzysh® in the late 2000s he had the simple, elegant goal of preserving the flavor and freshness of food and drink in a simple, accessible way. His aim was to manufacture a device that could preserve the freshness and quality of the best wines and champagnes, one that would be easy to use and equally accessible to businesses and the average consumer.

The zzysh® Starterset includes one hand piece (pump), one airtight stopper, and one cartridge. The stopper seals the bottle, preventing any air from slipping into the champagne before the pump injects carbon dioxide and argon gas into the bottle, effectively maintaining the champagne’s initial flavor and crispness, and keeping its optimal carbonation. Feel free to open a variety of champagne, prosecco, and frizzante to please your guests and loved ones without the lingering worry of waste. Seal your open bottles with zzysh® and enjoy their freshly popped taste and bubbliness for weeks after the cork was let fly.

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