Continuing on with the slightly illegal theme of cannabis infused beverages, we have yet another fan favorite with a dash of that good old marijuana. Jane’s Brew Cannabis-Infused Coffee adds a whole different meaning to getting that fix in the morning. Enjoy hot or iced with absolutely no cannabis smell or aftertaste.

So, how do we go from regular coffee to this super special coffee? The House of Jane blends gourmet coffee with high-grade CO2 cannabis oil creating a THC infused coffee that will give you those fast-acting and long-lasting effects you so desperately crave when that dreaded alarm beeps in your ear rousing you from your peaceful, rejuvenating slumber. You also have so many choices! Your specific dose of THC can be accompanied by caffeine or not and is offered in a variety of roasts and flavors. Also choose your preferred brewing method: traditional brewer, Keurig, French Press, or instant.

This anytime, anywhere therapy is a discrete and effective way to help with pain relief and relaxation. Find out if this wondrous creation is available to you.


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