One aspect often overlooked by many people is how long it truly takes for a specific wine to be created. I’m not talking about aging or vine maturation but rather the formation of a soil composition which ultimately impacts the terroir evident in a wine. Cambria Estate Vineyard and Winery is keenly aware of what lies beneath their vines. Fossilized seashells, shale, limestone, and sand all make up the bench on which the vineyard sits. This idyllic location overlooks the Santa Maria Valley and the Sisquoc River. Within these plots, several Pinot Noir clones are sustainably grown for use in Cambria’s Benchbreak wine.

The Benchbreak Pinot Noir showcases bright red fruit upfront with raspberry, cranberry, and rhubarb. These are accented by earth tones, orange rind and a light herbal quality. Raspberry is joined by pomegranate on the palate followed by a fine minerality and touches of oak.

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