On the finest celebrations, you pop open Champagne.

Okay, maybe you open a bottle of Piper-Heidsieck on Monday night, but following along—pretty please.

For the finest celebrations, you make a toast with a special Champagne. When there is Champagne to be transported to said occasion, it should only be in the finest carrier, like this one.

In addition to being gorgeous, the Champagne carrier comes with waterproof lining and, importantly, internal insulation. Because if the champagne left your house properly chilled it doesn’t matter. That champagne needs to be between 43 and 48 degrees when it gets to its final destination—your palette. And, on a less important note, it has a nice zip top closure as well.

Now I’m sure you can see that this carrier can be repurposed to carry other sparkling wines or spirits. But let’s face it: only champagne belongs in this bag. Even if you are just carrying it home. On a Monday night.