With thirteen seats, no juice, no sugar, and no shaker this is truly a unique little bar in the East Village.

While the rest of the country is amidst the cocktail renaissance making fancy high-end potations, beverage director Sother Teague’s motto is “brown, bitter, and stirred.” There are few base spirits here, but plenty of potable bitters and tincture bitters. The 8 Amaro Sazerac, in which amari replace the traditional rye whiskey, is a truly unique drink that was obviously bitter but still well-balanced and complex.  Sweeter amaro varieties impart the sweet notes of the Sazerac, while the spicier and boozy ones played the part of the rye. A showcase of the complete understanding of the bitters realm.

Like the bitters used in your drink?  The probably sell them as it is also a bar general store selling barware, books, and bitters to patrons.

Cocktails starting from $14

443 East 6th St. New York, NY

Monday to Thursday 5PM to 1AM
Saturday Noon to 3AM
Sunday Noon to 1AM