A cult malt with a sad story to tell, the now-mothballed Brora distillery in northern Scotland was once brimming with dedicated craftsman and gleaming copper stills. Regrettably, it was one of many malt whisky distilleries in Scotland that closed in the 1980s- leaving behind a collection of dusty casks, including the fabled, highly-peated 1972 distillation. For over 40 years this singular cask has been slowly maturing to perfection, and has just recently been bottled and released by Diageo. The Brora 40 Year Old is the oldest and rarest expression of Brora to ever be released, as well as Diageo’s most expensive. With only 160 bottles in existence, the 40 Year Old offers a unique opportunity to acquire a revered whisky from one of Scotland’s most famous “lost distilleries.” Available for pre-order exclusively at World of Whiskies, available for collection starting April 21, 2014.